Smart Snacking with Almonds

This post about Smart Snacking with Almonds is in partnership with Massive Sway and California Almonds. All views are my own.

Life has been a bit crazy lately. Which is why I am excited to share with you how I plan ahead with nourishing snacks to keep me energized!

Snacking on almonds.

Why almonds make such a fabulous snack

Between writing a few cookbooks (eeee!!!), taking on new clients, writing new blogs and other fun projects, the days go by really quickly. And I’m not always the best when it comes to planning out exactly what I’m going to eat.

I’m okay with that, because I don’t thrive off meal planning and like to be a little spontaneous with cooking. But, I do like having nutrient-packed snacks around to help fill the gap between meals and to have on the go.

Thanks to California Almonds for sponsoring this post about one of my favorite snacks.

Most days I head to the gym in the morning and like to have a snack right after I work out, and then another one later in the afternoon when I’m writing, answering emails or while I’m on phone calls. Snacks help me power through any feelings of sluggishness – as long as they’re nutritious.

(Refined carbs are not your friend when it comes to lasting energy, people!)

One of my favorite snacks to keep at my desk, and in my purse and car are almonds. They’re a good source of fiber and protein, an excellent source of vitamin E, manganese and magnesium and they have good fats.

Their nutrition profile is exactly why they make the perfect snack to keep me going all day long. And, they’re totally convenient.

Overhead shot of almonds in a glass bowl.
Almonds in a bowl next to a computer on a desk.

What makes a smart snack

I also keep them on hand in my pantry and around my kitchen so I can grab a handful when I’m testing recipes.

You may be wondering why in the world I don’t just eat whatever I’m testing (and sometimes I do!), but the recipes I make for clients and some projects are not always mine to eat.

Sometimes I ship the recipes out to clients or I pop them in the freezer for testing or use them for photography the next day or later in the week. It just depends on the project.

So it’s important to have snacks on hand, and it’s extra-important to have something that’s filling and tasty, like almonds.

P.S. I also love almonds as an ingredient in baking and cooking, so that gives me another reason to keep a jar of them handy.

Almonds next to a stove in a glass bowl

So if you’re like me, you may want to grab a bag of almonds to keep around the house and to take on the go so you don’t get hangry.

Not only do they pack great nutrition, but I find the crunch to be satisfying in its own way, and the nutty flavor is hard to beat…

Your whole body will love you for it.

Almonds in a glass jar

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Almonds.

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