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My name is Julie, and I am the The Gourmet RD.  I am here to share some food love with you through simple, delicious and wholesome recipes.  I do all of the recipe creating, food styling, photography, tasting and writing in my kitchen, add my quirky thoughts to it, and put it out there for you to enjoy – and I hope you do!

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Simply put, I love food, and all aspects of it.

I’ve spent the better part of my life helping people improve their lifestyle as a registered dietitian (hence the “RD” in The Gourmet RD).  To learn the ins and outs of cooking, I put on a Chef’s hat and flame-retardant pants and attended culinary school.  With that, my love for food and confidence in the kitchen sky-rocketed, allowing me to do what I love to do – help people learn to cook fresh, wholesome meals.

My philosophy about food and nutrition is simple: cooking for yourself using real, wholesome ingredients – most of the time – is the key to better health. That doesn’t mean spending countless hours in the kitchen or counting every single calorie you eat, but instead incorporating more nutritious foods into your diet and cooking simple meals more often. Nothing makes me feel more proud than crafting somthing delicious in the kitchen, and I want you to feel the same way!

You should never, ever feel bad about loving food, while wanting to eat a little bit better every day.

Oh, and just a little bit about the rest of my life:  I have a hubby named Ben whom I’ve spent the better part of my life with and we live in the chilly, but beautiful, state of Wisconsin with our 2 kitties, Kobe and Felix. We love to camp, hike and go out to eat together and I love to shop, DIY all sorts of fun vintage and antique crafts and watch HGTV (it’s a problem).

And just in case you were wondering… my favorite foods are soup, brussels sprouts, pasta, popcorn & olives!

About me

Hey everyone! I’m Julie, The Gourmet RD.

I’m a chef, dietitian, cookbook author, food photographer and recipe developer – and most importantly, a Midwestern girl – who is on a mission to make healthy eating deliciously craveable! Here you’ll find simple and wholesome recipes and food inspiration – straight from my kitchen.

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