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My name is Julie, and I’m the registered dietitian and chef behind the always fun, always growing Gourmet RD. I love helping people make connections between good food and good health. My mission is to make your life easier and more enjoyable with simple, delicious and wholesome recipes. I do all the recipe creating, food styling, photography, tasting and writing from my comfy kitchen in the Midwest.

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What inspires you to share nourshing food?

The Gourmet RD spirit is embodied in my kitchen — an eclectic blend of an era gone by with modern neutral touches. My food brain is firmly rooted in childhood memories of simpler times and home-cooked meals. I love that my decades-old cookie sheet has happily churned out thousands of treats over its lifespan. My hutch is overflowing with vintagey copper pans and wooden spoons — all tumbling out to greet you with a well-worn, knowing nod that says you can do this, you can make something good.

The Gourmet RD way: love your food, eat a bit better every day

My philosophy about food and nutrition is simple: for better health, cook at home using real, wholesome ingredients — as often as you can. In The Gourmet RD kitchen, that means unfussy, easy recipes and no obsessive calorie tracking. Instead, let’s work together at whisking in more nutritious options for simple, comforting meals. Whether it’s a quick weeknight meal, a healthier snack or yummy apps for a cozy gathering, craft something wholesome today!

With the inspired name of Julie Andrews, of course I'll share a few of my favorite things

Soups, brussel sprouts, pasta, popcorn and olives! I have a husband named Ben who is all in on my adventures and loves life with me. We live in brisk but beautiful Wisconsin with our sweet baby girl Sylvie, who I can’t wait to share my cooking with, and our 2 kitties, Kobe and Felix. We enjoy camping, hiking and our local restaurant scene. I also love to shop, plan relaxing gatherings, serve up fun cocktails, DIY all sorts of vintage crafts and watch HGTV (it’s a problem).

Make it a Joyful Holiday Season
Make it a Joyful Cooking Journey
Help, They Need to Eat Again
Be a Better Cookerish Person
Kinda Forgot that was Healthy
The Must-Have Essentials

The Essentials Checklist is your ticket to a well-stocked kitchen and more enjoyable cooking! From pantry and freezer staples to fresh ingredients, these are the ingredients you’ll find most often in my recipes. With a bit of prep, you can skip that extra trip to the store and instead pour yourself some wine.

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About me

Hi, I’m Julie!
Chef – Registered Dietitian – Passionate about Easy Healthy Eating

I love food and know you do too! Let’s revel in it together. I’m a chef, dietitian, cookbook author and recipe creator living an inspired foodie life in the heartland. I’ve spent long hours studying human nutrition so you don’t have to — and I’m dedicated to sharing that info in easy, digestible bites. In The Gourmet RD kitchen, you’ll find tips and recipes to help you enjoy cooking craveable, wholesome and nutritious foods.

Nerding out on food

  • MS in Human Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)
  • Professionally Trained in Culinary Arts
  • Recipe Development and Food Photography, Styling & Writing
  • Food and Nutrition Consulting

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